Published June 5, 2018 | Version 1.1.0
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caltechlibrary/turf: Version 1.1.0

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This release adds support for Windows-style option arguments prefixed by the `/` character instead of the hyphen `-` character. Turf ( URL Fixer_) is a small program that downloads records from [](, examines each one looking for URLs, deferences any found, and then finally prints a list of records together with old and new URLs. By default, if not given an explicit search string, Turf will do a search for all records that have one or more URLs in MARC field 856. Alternatively, it can be given a search query on the command line; in that case, the string should be a complete search URL as would be typed into a web browser address bar (or more practically, copied from the browser address bar after performing some exploratory searches in []( Finally, as another alternative, it can read MARC XML input from a file when given the `-f` option (`/f` on Windows).

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Turf (" URL Fixer") is a program to download records from the Caltech database and check the URLs that may be embedded within the records.

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