Published January 27, 2022 | Version v1.1.0
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caltechlibrary/foliage: Release 1.1.0

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Changes: * Now automatically handles creation and deletion of holdings records as needed when changing the permanent locations of items. * Now supports deleting instance and holdings records. * Now supports uploading `.xslx` files in addition to text files, for uploading lists of identifiers. * Fix bug in Change tab: if the user supplied instance id's, Foliage didn't correctly detect it, and didn't complain. * Fix bug in exporting the UUID lists: Foliage would produce an error when attempting to export in CSV format. * Fix the title of the Foliage page in web browsers; it should be "Foliage" but instead was an internal description of a function in the code. * Fix searching for holdings by instance hrid: Foliage would incorrectly report no holdings found. * Fix other internal bugs. * Removed splash screen on Windows because it fails to work outside of my development environment. I've [posted a question on the PyInstaller forums]( asking for help. * Add "read me first" file to mac installer.

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Foliage is the FOLIo chAnGe Editor, a tool to do bulk changes in FOLIO using the network API.

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