Published April 4, 2022 | Version v1.10.0
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caltechlibrary/eprints2bags: Release 1.10.0

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Changes in this release: * Removed delay option `-y`. Servers should probably implement throttling if rates are a problem, and anyway, the default value was probably too short to be of any use, so it's unlikely this option was of any use anyway. * Switched to using `cpu_count()` from Python `os` package instead of our own custom code. * Switched to using [Sidetrack]( instead of original internal debug logging code. * Switched to using [Bun]( for basic terminal output. * Switched to using [CommonPy]( for common utilities. * Internally, use different approach to recording version number and other metadata. * Updated and refactored `Makefile`. * Added `CITATION.cff` file. * Refactored and update internal code. * Renamed branch `master` to `main`.

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Download records and documents from an EPrints server and put them in BagIt format.

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