Published January 17, 2019 | Version 1.7.0
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caltechlibrary/eprints2bags: Version 1.7.0

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The following are the main changes in this release: * The new command-line option `--status` (`-s` for short) allows you to specify values of the `` field that should be used to filter candidate records. When this option is given, `eprints2bags` will only keep those records having a status value that appears in the comma-separated argument to `-s`. Putting a caret character (`^`) in front of the status (or status list) negates the sense, so that `eprints2bags` will only keep those records whose `` field value is *not* among those given. Examples: `eprints2bags -s archive -a ...` or `eprints2bags -s ^inbox,buffer,deletion -a ...`. * The file comments written to the ZIP archive file have been corrected to state the version of the BagIt format that is actually being used. (It's v0.97, not v1.0, though I don't think the differences matter for this program.)

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Download records and documents from an EPrints server and put them in BagIt format.

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