Published March 20, 2020 | Version v0.1.2
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caltechlibrary/py_dataset: Major upgrade of libdataset

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This release brings py_dataset up to libdataset v0.1.6. Much has changed including breaking changes. Google Sheet, S3, Google Cloud Storage integration has been dropped. Functions that only returned a error string now return True on success and False otherwise. The error string is available with `dataset.error_message()`. Namaste functions have been added for a collection's metadata. Deplicate function defs have been removed. A few functions got renamed, overloaded functions got split into separate ones (e.g. frames became frame_create(), for creation and frame() to read a frame's full metadata). `grid()` function has been removed (use `frame_create()` and `frame_grid()` instead). Windows support still has some testing issues so should be considered experimental. macOS and Linux are passing test.

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Python package of dataset ( for working with JSON objects as collections on disc

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