Published June 25, 2019 | Version v0.0.67
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caltechlibrary/py_dataset: This release tracks libdataset v0.0.67, a candidate for supporting dataset v1

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This release is to track the release candidate v0.0.67 of prep for dataset v1. Things that have changed is the frame definition now expects labels as well as dotpath (cli was also update with dataset v0.0.64). The separate label option has been removed. Attachments now take an optional semver as last parameter for attach(), detach(), prune(). 'v0.0.0' is treated as un-versioned attachments. There is now an option to get back clean objects that do not include internal dataset metadata. Some minor typos and mapping corrected in for libdataset C-Shared libraries. py_dataset/ renamed py_dataset/ Explicit import of the ctype function defs are now in py_dataset/

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Python package of dataset ( for working with JSON objects as collections on disc

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