Published December 24, 2019 | Version v1.1.0
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caltechlibrary/handprint: Release 1.1.0 – New facility for comparing results to ground truth

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This release adds support for comparing extracted text to expected (ground truth) text. To use it, users need to provide text files that contain the expected text for each input image; Handprint then produces tab-separated files listing the errors (compared to ground truth) in the results received from HTR services. Please see the relevant section in the [top-level README file]( or the application help (via `-h`) for more details. Other changes: * The debug option `-@` now accepts an argument for where to send the debug output trace; the behavior change of `-@` is not backward compatible. * The installation instructions are (hopefully) improved and simplified. * There are internal architectural and organizational changes. * There are some bug fixes. * Most test images have been moved to a separate repository on GitHub. The file [CHANGES]( contains a more complete change log, and includes information about previous releases.

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Apply different text recognition services to images of handwritten documents.

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