Published October 13, 2022 | Version 0.7.0
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dibs – Release 0.7.0

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This release adds a couple of utility programs (including one for updating DIBS's stored item metadata with the latest values from the LSP), fixes some minor bugs, updates the versions of some dependencies to deal with Dependabot security udpates, and adds a little bit more documentation. There are minor changes to two template files; if you have an existing DIBS installation, a git pull should hopefully merge the changes without trouble. There are no changes to the database data object model.

What's new

  • New utility, update-item-data, to update the DIBS database items with current values from the corresponding LSP records. This is particularly useful for updating the item page URLs when FOLIO changes the permalink scheme.
  • New utility, test-folio-token, for testing whether the FOLIO credentials are valid. This is meant to be used in a cron job for daily testing that the FOLIO API token being used by the DIBS server is still valid.
  • New README file in the admin subdirectory, to describe the various utility programs in that directory.
  • New file, dev/requirements-dev.txt, to list Python requirements such as pytest needed for development.

What's fixed

  • Fixed issue #100: provide a way to bulk-update permalinks. This is now possible using the new update-item-data utility program mentione above. This utility also partly solves issue #7.
  • Fixed issue #102: if a (library staff) user edited an item and changed the barcode when doing so, then the internal DIBS record could have become inconsistent with the LSP entry because DIBS only updated a limited number of fields during the edit operation. DIBS now compares the barcode and updates all internal object fields if the barcode is changed.
  • Fixed a misleading error message when creating new entries, in which "Incomplete record in LSP" was printed even if the record was missing entirely.
  • Fixed a bug in the item editing page, in which thumbnail images were not checked for being zero length files. This led to internal exceptions when the server attempted to read the file.

What's changed

  • The object classes for LSP interfaces in have had some internal changes. The fields id and url are now item_id and item_page, respectively, to avoid confusion in calling code about the "id" and "url" in question. These names also match the corresponding field names in the database objects defined in In addition, the LSP interface classes now have a name property, which can be used to print more informative messages. A few lines in have had corresponding changes to account for the changes in
  • The template files dibs/templates/edit.tpl and dibs/templates/item.tpl have had small changes made, to check for zero-length thumbnail files. The changes are in commits 30a9eb9 and 16a63da, respectively.
  • Added a description to the DIBS documentation, in the section on item editing, to explain what can happen if the number of available copies of an item is decreased while all available digital copies are currently loaned out.
  • Updated requirements.txt for many dependencies to bring them to the latest releases and deal with recent Dependabot security alerts.
  • Updated the contents of .gitignore to follow new best practices.
  • Added more unit tests. (Still isn't nearly enough, but it's more than before!)

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