Published April 4, 2020 | Version v1.7.0
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caltechlibrary/microarchiver: Release 1.7.0 – New features and changes

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* Store JATS XML for each article, as well as any image referenced in the JATS data. Images are converted to uncompressed TIFF before being stored. * Perform JATS validation for each article by default. * Add `-X` option to disable automatic JATS DTD validation. * Change `-a` option to accept a file containing either a list of DOIs or the XML format sent by * Change exit code numbering scheme. * Communicate number of failures in terms of exit codes; see [README]( for more details. * Test if date given to `-d` is syntactically correct but not a valid date. * Refactor and change some internal code. * Fix miscellaneous bugs. The file [CHANGES]( contains a more complete change log that includes information about previous releases.

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Package journal content for Portico using DataCite DOI Metadata

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