Published September 24, 2020 | Version v1.5.1
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caltechlibrary/lostit: Version 1.5.1 – Bugfix release

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The primary change in this version is the use of a new home-grown replacement for `oauth2client.client.token_storage` that stores the credentials in an encrypted file rather than in the keyring password field. The original implementation of `oauth2client.client.token_storage` stores the credentials from Google as the value of the password in a call to `keyring.set_password(...)`. Unfortunately, this fails on Windows because of size limitations on the length of passwords. The replacement implementation stores an encryption key in the password field instead, and uses that encryption key to encrypt a file that stores the credentials on disk. Additional changes in this release are: * Fix blurry text and other GUI elements on Windows * Fix building on Windows against newer versions of the `google-api-python-client` package * Fix an error-printing bug that becomes evident when debugging is turned on and an error occurs * Use new [`sidetrack`]( package instead of our own debug log code

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